Dr. Fairest Hill is an international motivational speaker and recording artist who resides in Tampa Bay, Florida. 

Dr. Fairest Hill was born and raised in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan.  He was labeled “functionally illiterate” and was failing in school until the intervention of a caring, committed teacher and his gift for music changed his life.  At an early age, Dr. Hill made a commitment to be a success in life, no matter what the cost.  Regardless of the negative influences that surrounded him, he remained faithful to his goal.

After graduating from Central High School with honors, Dr. Hill continued his education at the Detroit College of Business and Golden Pacific University where he earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. While he was working on his education he was also employed at the Children’s Hospital in Detroit, MI. During his seven year tenure there, Dr. Hill rose from Maintenance to Admittance then to the Credit Department and finally on to Management.  He later received a Master’s and Doctoral Degree of Divinity from Friends International University.

During his career, Dr. Hill has collaborated and performed with a variety of national recording artists and was mentored by the late Dr. Myles Munroe.  He is the Founder/Director of Youth On The Move, USA, Inc. , Life Without Limits Int’l Inc.,  and CEO of Vision Productions and Publishing company.  Dr. Fairest Hill is also the author of “Daddy Talk,” “Yes You Can Win” and “Life Without Limits.”  He has also developed a curriculum targeted for at-risk students called “Life Without Limits Mentorship Program:  Building Leaders for the 21st Century,” and has recently released his seventh CD, “Let’s Come Together.”

Dr. Fairest Hill’s speaking career has involved training for over 1 million youth across the United States and abroad.  Organizations from Trinidad, Jamaica, Philippines, the Bahamas, Canada and South America have all engaged him to provide motivational training. He has been a keynote speaker for: government agencies (he was just recently in Kenya and South Africa motivating the youth and government officials there); corporations; Job Corps; and professional conferences. He also does staff development training sessions, parent involvement workshops and  on Sundays ministers to congregations nationwide. 

Dr. Fairest Hill’s message is simply,
“Yes, You Can Win, with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.”

For more information, contact Dr. Fairest Hill:

Phone:  (813) 478 – 6961  
Fax:  (813) 907 – 1198

Email: fairesthill@iol14.com 

Address: P.O. Box 291962 Tampa, FL 33687

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  1. am bless with you ,and l will like to work with you here in kenya’.you can call +254-722-773250 that;s my no…… God bless you work

  2. Hey Bro Fairest!! You have always been an inspiration to me…from all those years you have come to High Point & Jamestown, NC to come & speak to us young people (It has been 19 years ago when I first met you—wow!!!). That is why I am always motivated to reach those “lifetime dreams” of mine no matter the cost. Love you man!

  3. Thank you we really needed your voice Louisiana low income families is hurting lack of knowledge special behind there children you came to Merrydale Elementry yesterday Baton Rouge and i wish i could have bought your CD. Im a single parent of 2 boys 19 and 7 both has special needs.If i knew what i knew now, years ago i could have saved many.Now it’s my time Im a Education Advocate with concentration on at-risk youth ….

    1. Thank you Dameka! It’s never too late to start making a positive difference in the lives of others, so keep on doing what you are doing!

  4. Dr. Fairest Hill , you are the best there is ! Keep blessing and inspiring our today’s youth ! They sooo need you in their lives ! God Bless — Lisa

  5. We must apologize we found your emails .so thank u .lookin forward to meeting with u soon Pastor Tracy McDonald the one who sung at church Sunday .part of group “my. Girl” lol

  6. Was so blessed to hear from you Dr. Hill ! God is giving me the desires of my heart & I do believe that you are a stepping stone for me to fast-forwarding my destiny as an Intercessory Prayer Warrior ! Am so very excited about networking with another serious Christian ; helping other people attain salvation & the desires of their heart ! Looking forward to finally get to meet you face to face ! Have a wonderful day basking in the SONshine ! Lol !

  7. Hey Mr.Hill. I was the girl who was singing with you today with the red and black hair with glasses. You said that I had a pretty voice. I just wanted to tell you that I was glad that you came to my school today to talk to us about setting our goals for our dreams and being successful. It made me think about making goals to what I wanna be in life. I want to be a Christian and a gospel singer. I hope that I will stay focus on God and school so I can achieve that dream. Thank you for coming to my school today.

  8. Dr. Hill,

    I’m the newly appointed Superintendent in East Feliciana Parish in Louisiana. I would like for you to serve as my guest speaker at my first employee convocation on August 3, 2015. Is that possible?

  9. Heard Dr. Fairest Hill and he was just amazing…..Oh what a word for everyone in the room. We left inspired and motivated….Would highly recommend Dr. Hill for corporate and community based events. No Limits…..

  10. Hello Dr. Hill,

    I enjoyed reading your book “Life Without Limits” it gave some powerful knowledge that I need in my life. I’m at point in my life that I feel I should be doing something to make an impact in society. Some days I feel that I’m just existing in life. But I want to live my life to the fullest. I am Vanessa Carter and I attended your seminar in Fayetteville and worship with you at First Fruits Family Ministry during Father’s Day weekend. I’m praying that God will give you a ministry here in Fayetteville because you have inspired me so much. I met with the lovely Desiree at Embassy Hotel. She mentioned that you will be coming back this month. However I didn’t get a contact number for Desiree. I would like to get involved in mentoring or helping in your organization.

    I worked in Cumberland County schools and I see the need to mentor the youths in our city. Can you give my the date when you will be returning to Fayetteville? You can send me the information via email: jazzy1luv11@yahoo.com

    I pray your trip to Africa was successful and have given you much pleasure because you make a difference in child’s life. I look forward to seeing you again. Take Care.



  11. I just wanted to let you know that your visit to Westwood has turned the life of one of my first graders around! Prior to your visit, he was “hard” and was a big behavior problem. As the students were coming in, I took the opportunity to talk to this child and tell him that since he was sitting on the aisle seat you would be watching him and it was his chance to pay attention and shine for you, because you were going to be looking for kids who were really paying attention. Since listening to you he has not given me one bit of trouble. He wants to become a police officer and…buy his mom a house! He has began doing all of his assignments and has even asked for extra work. Thank you for influencing C.P. In such a positive way. I often wondered if he would go on to live a long, hard life, but after listening to you I know he’s going to not only be a police officer, he will go on to be the chief of police and I tell him this every time he goes above and beyond! #hesgonnabuyhismomahouse

    1. Thank you Gwynne! It is always good to get a great report back from a school that I have visited! I’m glad I was able to have a positive influence on C.P. I know that he will make a great Chief of Police in your community! Thank you too for doing what you do! We appreciate our teachers! #Yeshesgonnabuyhismomahouse

  12. Good Day Sir , I just want to say Thank you we met some Years back at NewLife Church in Ledyard, Ct and all I can Say Look at God. He shows up & Shows out. Currently in school getting my Phd & your song just came on the Music choice Gospel channel. Daddy I all my son Sang it for you. Wowww Again Thank You Peace and Blessings

  13. Are you serious???? Mound Bayou, Mississippi…mid 90’s….jheri curl…had the whole school believe we could fly…that day. I will never forget that day!!!

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