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  1. My son likes the song Remember What Your Mama Said and i would like that cd. Will you please send me the information to order it please?

  2. As a Para-Professional for the public school system, I went to an in-service where you spoke. This in-service took place just a few weeks after my 18yr old non-verbal son was hospitalized and transferred to live in a developmentally residential facility 3 1/2 hours away from home. He had lived with us ifor his entire life up to this point. You told the story of the Football team who didn’t believe they could win the next game. It made me cry at my table because without the support of the wonderful teachers, faculty, friends, local community human services for the disability, I know we could have never kept our son home for 18 years. Without their positive support, and even now as we struggle to get him back in the area living with Supportive Independent Services, we could never have the strength to get him this far. My family is ever indebted to the “village” that help us to achieve the goal line. This story will forever be in my heart and keep my strength up to keep moving forward with my son’s adult life to independency. Truly, anything can be accomplished. I tell this story to many.

  3. l will be happy to get your books and cd .me self am poor when it comes in money.that all l can tell about myself

  4. Thanks!Dr.Fairest Hill my favorite song is dont do crazy nomore! I really appreciate your work thanks !agian

  5. you came to my school Gonzales Middle School thanks for coming you are very encouraging when i got home i told my parents everything you told me, you must have left something on me good because when someone like you comes to my school i don’t remember nothing they say.

  6. I Loved When You Came To Simmons High School in Hollandale,Ms
    I Hope You Will Come Back And Teach Us More Postive Things Our
    School Really Needs Someone Who Can Motivate Us To Go The Right
    I Love Your Song Remember What Your Momma Said How Can I Get One?

  7. Hi Dr. Hill! You may not remember but a couple of years ago, you visited my church, Endtime Encounter Ministry in Indianola, MS (Apostle Sherry Glenn [Now Dr. Sherry Glenn]). I would like to invite you to join the church’s fan page on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/EECMinistry. It would be highly appreciated and I’m sure the Apostle would be pleased! Thank you and be blessed!!!

  8. Hello Dr. Hill,
    I would like to reach out and Thank You for joining us on New Years Eve at Kingdom Life International Center. What an amazing time we has ushering in the New Year to your powerful testimony and amazing performance.
    The word amongst the congregation is that it was our BEST New Years Eve….EVER! You actually got our very own Dr. Mike to accompany you on vocals! Now that was truly amazing! WOW!! 🙂 AND he sounded GREAT!! YOu made the event a most memorable occasion, and truly complimented the WORD given that 2012 is our year to REIGN!!
    For years to come, the melody that will always ring in MY head as each New Year rolls in will be….. (in YOUR singing voice)…..
    ” I don’t do WORRY no more, I don’t do WORRY no more, cause I’m in the Kingdom!, YES I’m in the Kingdom!!” God Bless You Dr. Hill…

  9. i lovee thatt song remember what your mama said and as i listen t the song its truley deep for me because i have been threww things but i have straighten and knowing that my mom always going be by me until the end its hard to disrespect her i truey like that and i like that you explain to the children that dont understand that Dr. Fairest Hill hope i get to meet you in person again .
    from:Alan Grandberry

  10. Dr. Hill, where can I buy your new song, “Living the Godly Life”? I can’t wait to own this song. I have most of your other albums. You are such an inspiration to me. I love all of your music & what you stand for. A faithful follower, Gloria

    1. Yes! Gloria I’ve been looking for this song all over the internet! They play it all the time on the gospel station on XM Sirius radio. Have you found it yet?

  11. I remember seeing you when I was in the 5th grade at Chisholm Elementary in Montgomery, Alabama. Im 29 now, but I remember that song, Remember What Your Mama Said. Thanks for the motivation back then.
    Harlow Caldwell

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