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  1. Praise the Lord Dr. Hill, my family and I were blessed to be at Crusaders Church in Chicago on last sunday, we drove 2 hr. from wisconsin to be in the sunday service, and we were truly blessed, my grandaughter was with us, and have been labeled as a special needs child, but I assures her that it is not so, the service was truly God ordain, she was blessed in that service, and I know that God did something special for her in that service with much more to come. God Bless You

  2. Thank You Dr. Hill For being a blessing to us at Acts Embassy Church. Bringing in the new year. Your Don’t Stop Motivational CD is GOD sent. We had a truly Holy Ghost Party bringing in the new year. Thank you JESUS for Dr, Myles, Dr, Williams, Dr, Wilson, Dr. Hill . What a Awesome Mighty GOD we serve Keep up the Good Fight of Faith.

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