Thank You Letters

Dear Dr. Hill,
I want to thank you for coming to Cooke Magnet School this past Monday for what proved to be a very inspirational assembly. All of my students and staff enjoyed the great message that you brought, and loved the musical journey you took us on.  The gym was alive with spirit and determination for success.
Thank you so much,
Nan M. Heim, Principal
Andrew Cooke Magnet School, Waukegan, IL

“Andrew Cooke Magnet School for the Fine Arts and Sciences inspires students to learn more, achieve more, do more, and become more.”


Dr. Fairest Hill,

I want you to know that the students, teachers and I were very pleased with the quality of your presentation during our assembly at Clearview Elementary School. I sincerely appreciate the delivery of your message to the students today. Your positive rapport and genuine demeanor was truly uplifting and brought warmth and
joy to everyone in the assembly.

I would like to highly recommend Dr. Fairest Hill as a presenter at your school. The message he delivers is genuine and you do not want your students to miss out on such a wonderful and engaging opportunity to hear from Dr. Hill. You could never go wrong with having an assembly presented by him.

It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to your motivational message. May God continue to bless you as you deliver your positive message to future generations of students.

Sarah Bankhead, Principal
Clearview Elementary School, Waukegan, IL

Dear Dr Hill,

Thank you so much for two truly wonderful and inspiring session. It was a real pleasure to meet you and I hope our paths cross again in the future. You are an inspirational person and the effect you have had on the Academy in such a short time will, I know, be far reaching. I very much hope that we can keep in close contact and I will follow your work and travels with great interest. My colleagues join me in saying ” thank you” and please do keep in touch. You have my full support and I will hold you in my prayers.

With every good wish,
The Rt. Revd Peter Hullah, Principal
Northampton Academy, Northampton, England

Greetings Dr. Hill,

It was a blessing to see you on Thursday. My telephone did not stop ringing on Friday until around noon from my staff.  Everyone was truly blessed from your message. Teachers are motivated to accept change and leave the crack in the basement. I observed individuals smiling who normal walk around with a frown all day long.  The evaluations were all awesome!  Everyone has spread the word within and outside of our association about the wonderful experienced that took place on Thursday.  I was told that this will go down in history as the best professional development given within our association. 🙂 Thanks to you.

As I stated before your departure, our CEO is asking that you confirm if January 28, 2011 is available for you to present to our entire association at our 2nd Annual Symposium.

 In addition, I look forward to seeing you at many of our schools in the near future,

Dianne Lewis, Director of Exceptional Student Services,
Algiers Charter Schools Association
Number:  504.302.7047,  
Mobile Number:  504.330.0062

 Dear Dr. Hill:

You were awesome!   The “Yes, You Can Win, with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE” motivational message that you presented to the Region V principals was outstanding.   From the singing, dancing, laughter and the genuine, heartfelt applause, you could tell how much we all enjoyed it!

During a time when the morale is low due to budget cuts, closing of schools, testing, etc. you brought joy and excitement to the principals in our region.  I have never seen so many principals so excited and so highly engaged during each activity you shared with us.  Your words of wisdom were very powerful and profound.  They gave us many opportunities to think and self reflect.

The best presentation is one which teaches as it pleases.  I have found this to be very true, and your presentation was a prime example of just how effective that method can be.  Certainly, the principals and I will remember the songs, the dances, and the way in which we laughed and participated, but deep inside, we have also learned valuable lessons that every aspect of your presentation was geared to convey.  It was teaching and learning at its best.

There were many positive comments shared by the principals at the end of our meeting regarding your motivational presentation.  You really brought out the “youth” in each of us and we loved it! 

Please accept my sincere thanks and that of the Region V principals for your outstanding presentation.  I hope you enjoyed the time you spent with us and received a sense of satisfaction from observing the pleasure and the learning that we derived from it.

Educationally yours,
Barbara Hires, Ed.D. Associate Superintendent, 
School Success, Pinellas County Schools

To Whom It May Concern:

After meeting Dr. Fairest Hill in 2006, I knew that he was the right match for boosting the self-esteem and confidence in my students. He displayed suaveness when he spoke that captivated and held not only my attention but also the youngsters present. His ability to present relevant information in a non-threatening manner generated many nods and smiles from his young audience. It was because of this I invited him to do a series of workshops with my third through fifth graders.

In January 2006, I was appointed principal of an elementary school that generated a 68% failing rate in reading and mathematics. Students and teachers were extremely frustrated and shocked that after all of their concerted efforts, students were not producing favorable results. My initial assessment showed that in addition to streamlining the curriculum, the community needed a morale booster. They needed to believe in themselves again; thus, Dr. Hill.

 In December of 2006, Dr. Hill began with the teachers. He talked with them and encouraged them. We then invited Dr. Hill in to conduct several student assemblies titled “Slam Dunk that Test” one day before the various state exams. Children’s thinking about their abilities were challenged and changed. The day of the exams students were telling each other and staff how they were going to slam dunk the test. When we received our school’s results, “slam dunking that test” is exactly what they did. We went from having a 68% failing rate to having a 40% failing rate (we still have a lot to accomplish). Children that struggled saw their rewards. Passion for teaching was renewed in the staff. This accomplishment left the staff eager to return in the fall.

Dr. Hill or Uncle Fairest, as he is affectionately called by our students, has made a life impacting impression on our students. They constantly talk about him and about what they can do. It is because of these tangible results that I recommend him for not only school communities but also for any organization that touches the lives of children.

Anissa Chalmers, Principal,
Garrett A Morgan Elementary School




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35 thoughts on “Thank You Letters”

  1. I enjoyed your presentation at Floyd Magnet School on Saturday, September 11th 2010. I have been to many speaking enagements, seminars and presentations for youth throughout the years. Your seminar was powerful, enthusiatic, and meaningful with a message. Your message was like a Fourth of July celebration. I encourage and support you to keep coming back to Montgomery Alabama. Our youth need mentors such as yourself with a positive mesaage :”Yes You Can Win” !
    Thank You

  2. Thank you sooooo much for coming today at jewett i’m sure nobody will foreget it and i’m sure most of them w0uld like you to come back and again thank you sooo much 🙂

  3. I had the honour in this morning’s Year 9 assembly to sing with a great speaker, motivator, leader and a man of faith most of all. He did not know this but it is actually my last day at the school. It was the most spiritual, awe inspiring chance meeting in my life, especially for moving on to new pastures. When Dr Hill pointed at me to sing with him, I knew this was to be my moment to say, Yes, I can win! It was the most surreal experience in my life and the most liberating. Thank you Dr Hill for what you did today, reminding me that I can be even more successful and still inspire others. If we don’t ever meet again I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless.

  4. you were awsome when you came to escambia middle school. your songs are cool too. id want a cd. you really influenced some people. it would be cool if you would come again.

  5. This is from all of Premont JR High!!!!!
    We really thank you because you made a difference in our lives!!!We really hope you can come back!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dear Mr. Hill
    Thank you for coming to our school it was awesome and your singing was great… I told my parents to take me this Sunday to see and they said yes i’m so excited!!

    Savannah <3

  7. I was at Gonzales Middle School last friday , I just wanted to thank you . Thank you , for making my day , with your brialliant speeches . I don’t know if everyone enjoyed it, but I sure did .

  8. Thank you Mr. Hill
    Im one of the student from Gulfport Job Corps Center I really thank you for coming and speaking to use today I really need to hear them words of inspiration. I cant wait until you get a chance to come dowm here and visit our center and to see how it is down here. Im using them words you said today in my every day life now.. Yes We Can Win and Bounce Back Im truely blessed to have meet you today

  9. dear Uncle Fairest,
    thanks for the visit at Rochelle School of the Arts on 9-26-12 I really enjoyed you im in fourth grade Mrs.Nolen classroom i think your very inspiring and i’ll see you next month
    love,sanaa johnson

    1. Dear, Uncle Fairest i enjoyed your speech at Rochelle Shool of Arts and ill try to rember comes on to school with right attitude and everyday for the morning bell that i can do anything if i try song comes on EVERDAY at 7:45 in the morning that got stuck in my head its a good way to start school off I CAN DO ANYTHING IF I TRY i was the girl with the bows and in the front row singing smile by kirk franklin bye see you THIS MONTH
      Sincerly ,Isis Johnson Sanaa sister

  10. i really love the rest of your life is the best of your life it going to get better.when my aunt and uncle died i thought my life was over because they were the love of my life and they are still the love of my life even if they are dead i still love the way i am from MSA West in plagumine la

  11. I truly enjoyed having you to come speak to us on Oct.17. You are a great speaker and I will try to get our youth minister to set up an appointment for you to come speak to our youth ministry.I tried to remember what you said about no wed no bed. I couldn’t think of what came next.She also call it a cookie.She tells the guys they will never get her cookies. What do she have to to do to get a book published.

  12. Anointed man of God, you really blessed my soul with your talent and most importantly the word on this past Sunday here in Miami. , unfortunetly, I was not able to sit in the entire service because of my church responsibilities. Your testimony you shared pushed me to another place in God. Ad I thank you.
    In the time I have been attending this church, I have never seen the congregations excited. Thank you for all that you do!!!!!

    Ernestine Cherry

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