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Who We Are

Youth On The Move, USA, Inc. (YOTM) was formed in 1998 as a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the lives of at-risk youth.

Every year, YOTM travels throughout the country speaking to students and staff of schools under improvement in some of our county’s most disadvantaged locations.

YOTM is currently targeting schools in the states of AL., FL., LA., MI. and MS., places with histories of high crime and poverty.

Most of the students at these schools are on free and reduced lunch, in oversized classrooms with inadequate facilities, coming from single parent homes and in some cases, from homes with a parent that is incarcerated.

Because of their circumstances, these students lack vision, hope and direction. Without a positive influence in their life many of these students will end up falling through the cracks becoming victims of the prison system. Studies show that prisons can predict their bed count on the number of students who fail the third grade.

YOTM’s vision is to help prevent the continuation of this vicious cycle by using music and motivation to educate and inspire these youth.  YOTM’s goals are to build self awareness, respect and a sense of citizenship (becoming an asset to the community, not a liability).

YOTM has created a curriculum called “Life Without Limits Mentorship: Building Leaders for the 21st Century.” The main objectives of this program are to increase student: Attitude, Attendance and Academics. This is a long term mentorship program to help secure a bright future for these students.

YOTM believes that each and every one of these students has the potential to overcome their obstacles and excel beyond their imagination given the opportunity. YOTM also wants to honor the 26 lives that were taken at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut by reaching 26000 students for every life that was taken.

YOTM’s yearly budget to facilitate this program is $100,000. Due to many of the financial cutbacks, many of these schools who really need it cannot afford it. Your contribution for school supplies, computers, equipment and financial sponsorship can help us make a difference in these students future.

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“It is very rewarding to see and hear the positive impact that we have had on the students. YOTM’s  focus now is to work with schools and students where the need is the greatest.”


What Others Are Saying: 

YOTM has made a “life impacting” impression on our students.  They challenged them and changed their way of thinking about themselves.  They constantly talk about YOTM and what they can do.  After a series of visits by YOTM, children that struggled saw their rewards.”  Anissa Chalmers, Principal, Garrett A Morgan Elementary School, New York, NY, Grades K – 5

“Thank you for the outstanding motivational assembly you provided at our school.  In my twenty-five years experience as an educator, I have never seen this age group so completely mesmerized and attuned to a message.”  Mildred Y. Reed, Principal, Pinellas Secondary School, St. Petersburg, FL Grades 6 – 12

“Today’s children have been labeled the lost generation… your first presentation was in our alternative school with students that had been placed there for disciplinary problems which is the last step before expulsion.  By the end of the session, I saw students participating and being motivated in such an inspirational way that I said there is something very special about YOTM. Anyone that comes in contact with this group will forever be changed.  All principals in our school system have voiced an interest in implementing your PROJECT 2020.  We need to be reminded that before we can teach a child anything we must deal with the total child.”  Frankie M. Johnson, Assistant Superintendent, Fayette City Schools, Nashville, TN

In Honor of Sandy Hook ES Heroes 1


The programs referenced above are inspirational, motivational and educational created by  Youth On The Move, USA, Inc.  Validated by Lincoln University, scientifically researched best practices are strongly embraced by YOTM, USA, Inc.

“We rely majorly on methodology (message with music), technique (student/faculty engagement) and or incentives and rewards (CD and book giveaway).  It is critical to the success of Youth On The Move USA, Inc. to have proper constant feedback from the participants.   Surveys, emails, commendations, administrator/CEO evaluations and/or return visits generally reveal evidence of a continued need for our programs.  As a result, the desired outcome is attained with fewer problems,” says CEO Dr. Hill.

Over the last 20 years the venues listed have proven successful for large groups of people.  Whether Youth On the Move, USA, Inc. is motivating an assembly of students, conducting conflict resolution sessions, or inspiring others through their music with a message, one will note the absolute mastery displayed as they helps their audience achieve success through positivity with an emphasis on attitude, attendance, and academics.

Grades Served:  K-12
Age Preference: 5-99
Travel Spectrum: Nationally & Internationally

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Resource Availability:  Upon Completion of performance or work session, instructional materials, CD’s, and tee shirts may be purchased by contacting our office.


SUNS Center Evaluation Results Para's Jefferson Parish Public Schools 5-10-10



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